Packaging Service.

Elevate your packaging efficiency with our comprehensive and innovative Packaging Services, designed to meet diverse needs.

Packaging Solutions Tailored.

AIL revolutionizes packaging for consumer goods companies, eliminating unnecessary shipping cycles. Through in-warehouse final configuration and contract packaging, we enhance visibility, cut costs, and accelerate processes while ensuring top-notch quality.

AIL's Contract Packaging.

By co-locating warehousing and secondary packaging, we eliminate unnecessary touchpoints in your supply chain, ultimately speeding up cycle times. Our approach reduces both freight costs and carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable operation.

Beyond Basic Execution.

We offer a holistic solution that encompasses display design, testing, sourcing and ownership of packaging materials, and equipment specification and procurement. This comprehensive approach empowers consumer goods companies to fully outsource their packaging requirements and adapt to the evolving market landscape.


Revolutionizing Packaging Strategy.

AIL is your strategic partner in transforming your packaging strategy. Our expert team combines innovative thinking with efficient execution to bring visibility, cost savings, and improved cycle times to your packaging process. Let us elevate your packaging operations to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Packaging Services.

Our extensive range of packaging services includes streamlined electronic data interchange (EDI), eCommerce integration, and internet transactions to ensure seamless communication. We handle display design, manufacturing, and assembly, as well as custom pallet creation, case gluing, clamshell packaging, coupons, and more. This comprehensive suite of services is aimed at enhancing your packaging process.


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